Tasting bun‑dle


Tasting bun‑dle

1x Meat Bao Selection Box (6 bao, serves 2)

2 Black Pepper Pork Bao

juicy, black pepper british free-range pork cooked hong kong-style with spring onions and a hint of sweet and sour in soft, fluffy buns

2 Beef Rendang Bao

aromatic british grass-fed beef slow-cooked southeast asian-style with coconut, lemongrass and lime leaves in soft, fluffy buns

2 Char Siu Chicken Bao

roasted succulent british free-range chicken in a sweet, sticky chinese barbecue marinade with spring onions and shallots in soft, fluffy buns

1x Vegan Bao Selection Box (6 bao, serves 2)

3 Thai Vegetable Green Curry Bao

roasted aubergines, courgettes, and butternut squash cooked in a spicy, fragrant thai green curry with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in soft, fluffy buns

3 Miso Shiitake and Tofu Bao

shiitake mushrooms and tofu braised in a home-style miso sauce with carrots, water chestnuts and spring onions in soft, fluffy buns

1x Pork, Prawn and Kimchi Dumplings (8 dumplings, serves 2-4)

juicy british free-range pork and responsibly-sourced prawns, seasoned and handwrapped with zesty kimchi and crunchy water chestnuts in beetroot-coloured crystal dumpling skins

1x edamame, miso and chinese leaf dumplings (vegan) (8 dumplings, serves 2-4)

edamame, chinese cabbage, water chestnuts and mushrooms handwrapped with a lightly warming miso and ginger sauce in spinach-coloured crystal dumpling skins

1x Dessert Bao Selection Box (6 bao, serves 2)

3x salted custard lava bao sweet and salty rich custard molten lava in soft, fluffy buns 3x matcha white chocolate lava bao indulgent belgian white chocolate molten lava in a soft, fluffy matcha buns