our story

We love the way food brings people together.

Julie grew up in Malaysia with its multicultural cuisine, where food always played a huge part in her life.

Many fond childhood memories were centred around food, like the Sunday lunches spent sharing dim sum with family and friends, and the joy of tucking into steaming bao and dumplings around the table.

Inspired by these experiences, and realising bao and dumplings were just one of those things she never found the time to make at home and also couldn't easily buy handmade with great ingredients and exciting flavours, the idea of bun-dles was born.

Trying to launch a business during a pandemic however, as a mum with her own two little dumplings in tow, proved really challenging.

Thankfully her friend Jenny who has a passion for great asian food and sustainability, was really excited by the fun and flavour combinations and was keen to get involved too. We haven’t looked back since! ​

At the heart of bun-dles is our mission to share special food that has been handmade with love and care just like they would be at home (time permitting!).

Having young children between us has meant we feel strongly about cooking with the best ingredients and planet positive practices.

We are committed to using only local grass-fed and free-range meat, sustainably farmed seafood, locally grown produce as much as possible and no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives.​

Many late nights, countless challenges and disastrous attempts later, we are so excited to share something we are truly proud of:

A celebration of food, culture and East meets West; each bite cooked with pride in our London kitchen and delivered to your door.

We hope you love it,

Julie & Jenny