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"Plate of the nation - the idea of being able to sink into a couple of bao almost instantly is irresistible..

instant yum cha anytime"

"Best for takeaway bao buns - each pillowy bun handmade by chefs.. deliciously succulent, every ingredient is identifiable, and like a sandwich, all you need is your hands to eat it with"

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  • Bursting with flavour
  • Handmade with pride by our highly skilled dim sum chefs
  • Highest quality British free-range meat and sustainably caught fish
  • Exciting menu with vegan options
  • Flash frozen to lock in freshness
  • No MSG or added preservatives
  • Ready to enjoy within minutes!
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Tasty bao and dumplings, from our kitchen to yours

At bun-dles, it is our mission to bring exciting flavours to homes sustainably through our delicious bao and dumplings.

We pour our hearts into each bite, having spent a lot of time working with some of the best dim sum chefs in the UK to perfect our recipes, carefully sourcing our produce and steering clear of artificial ingredients, unnecessary additives and preservatives in our cooking, so they are made just the way they would be at home.

Whether it’s a quick lunch fix, effortless dinner party, Sunday hangover cure or somewhere in between, enjoy them in your own time, ready to eat within minutes!

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How it works

build your bun-dle

Choose from our delicious menu of bao and dumplings to fill your freezer

handmade by chefs

Handmade by the UK's top dim sum chefs, using the freshest and tastiest ingredients in support of local sustainable farming

delivered to you

Nationwide delivery in fully insulated reusable or recyclable packaging

heat & enjoy!

Ready when you are! Steam or microwave from frozen and enjoy within minutes


Building a sustainable business is important to us. We are just getting started and have a long way to go, but will always remain committed to considering our impact on people and our lovely planet.


Our bao and dumpling packaging (trays, sleeves and film) is 100% recyclable. Additionally our trays are made from 85% recycled material.

We are working on a fully recyclable delivery packaging solution and hope to roll that out soon. In the meantime, all our delivery packaging is recylable or is made from recyled material.


We are proud to work with small independent British farmers who maintain the highest welfare standards, and use only free-range or grass-fed meat and sustainably caught fish to support local farming and reduce food miles.


Our food is handmade and freshly frozen so they arrive in the best condition for you to enjoy at home in your own time. We flash freeze our food to lock in flavour and goodness.

By letting us do the cooking, you can save on preparation time and cut down on food waste. Simply heat, eat and enjoy!

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