Vegetarian delight bun-dle


Vegetarian delight bun-dle

1x Miso Shiitake and Tofu Bao (vegan) (6 bao, 2 servings)

shiitake mushrooms and tofu braised in a home-style miso sauce with carrots, water chestnuts and spring onions in soft, fluffy buns 100% plant based

1x Thai Green Vegetable Curry Bao (vegan) (6 bao, 2 servings)

roasted aubergines, courgettes and butternut squash cooked in a spicy, fragrant thai green curry with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in soft, fluffy buns

1x Edamame, Miso and Chinese Leaf Dumplings (vegan) (8 dumplings, serves 2-4)

edamame, chinese cabbage, water chestnuts and mushrooms handwrapped with a lightly warming miso and ginger sauce in spinach-coloured crystal dumpling skins

1x Salted Custard Lava Bao (6 bao, 2 servings)

sweet and salty rich custard molten lava in soft, fluffy buns

1x Matcha White Chocolate Lava Bao (6 bao, 2 servings)

indulgent belgian white chocolate molten lava in a soft, fluffy matcha buns